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About SSDBM 2005

This international conference will bring together scientific domain experts, databases researchers, practitioners and developers for the presentation and exchange of current research on concepts, tools and techniques for scientific and statistical database applications. The 17th SSDBM will provide a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation and evaluation.

In keeping with the mission of the Bren School, this year's conferences will focus on applications of scientific and statistical databases to environmental problems, including:

  • Very large environmental databases
  • Geospatial and spatiotemporal databases
  • Database support for environmental modeling
  • Federated environmental databases

The conference will also feature invited talks, panel sessions, poster sessions, and demonstrations of research prototypes and industrial systems. SSDBM 2005 will continue the tradition of past SSDBM meetings in providing a stimulating environment to encourage discussion, fellowship and exchange of ideas in all aspects of research related to scientific and statistical database management.

For more information on SSDBM or for information on past SSDBM conferences please see the SSDBM Homepage.